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These Japanese Monkeys Obsessed With Hot Springs Are Living Their Best Lives

In 1949, Joshinetsu Kogen National Park was established. In 1964, the Jigokudani Yaen-koen area in the park was declared a conservation area for Japanese macaques, Snow Monkey Resorts explained. There, the monkeys can take refuge within their natural habitat and know they are safe to bath just mere feet from humans. Since the conservation efforts began the monkeys and their visitors have truly created a symbiotic relationship, with park rangers feeding the monkeys all year long. Best of all, anyone is สถาน ที่ ท่องเที่ยว เกาหลี welcome to come and pay them a visit. Heres how you can travel to the park to see the monkeys taking a dip, and where you could potentially relax with them too. There really isnt a bad time to visit the region as the monkeys come to visit all year long. It just depends on what youd like to see. According to Snow Monkey Resorts, there are two distinct seasons: green season and winter season.

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